The Exchange is mentoring program designed to create opportunities for two-way learning between a mentor and mentee.

More experienced professionals (mentors) are a resource to facilitate their partner’s learning and growth.  They offer their partners valuable insight and advice from both an industry and a professional development perspective.  At the same time, early professionals (mentees) often provide their partner with insight into current trends, and an understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of a younger segment of the industry.



  • Understand her partner’s desired outcomes and prepare for meetings accordingly.
  • Help her partner establish goals.
  • Challenge her partner to think and analyze options.
  • Act as a resource by sharing her experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with her partner.
  • Offer advice to guide her partner in reaching her professional and personal goals.
  • Provide constructive and meaningful feedback.


  • Make the initial contact with her partner and schedule all meetings.
  • Identify overall outcomes she hopes to attain with the support of her partner.
  • Prepare and provide an agenda to her mentor in advance of each meeting.
  • Follow through on commitments and goals set during meetings.
  • Be receptive to feedback and coaching from her partner.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities and advice presented by her partner.


November 13 – December 15, 2017   Applications accepted

No later than December 22, 2017   Notifications to participants with partner information

January 1, 2018   Program start date

Quarterly   Partners meet at least once per quarter

December 31, 2018   Program end date


  • Maintain active AWWEE membership for the duration of the program.
  • Have a desire to learn and share your knowledge with a partner.
  • Have ambition to succeed.
  • Be committed to establishing and working toward goals with a partner.
  • Be willing to commit time and energy to the partnership.

Wondering if you qualify to be a mentor?

  • If you have at least 5 years’ experience, you can be a mentor!  We pair participants based on their levels of experience.


  • Each pair will be given a set budget to ease the cost burden of in-person meetings.  This budget may be used for travel expenses and meal reimbursements only.  Otherwise, participants are expected to cover their own expenses associated with their participation in the program.
  • While program organizers check-in periodically with participants, participants are ultimately responsible for the success of their partnership.
  • If a participant feels, at any time and for any reason, that the partnership should end, program organizers will support this decision and work with participants on appropriate next steps.
  • To support continuous program improvement, participants will be asked to provide feedback periodically during the program.
  • This is not a job placement program.  There should be no expectation of a job offer or recommendation.


  • Interested members apply at the link below and submit their resume to
  • Program organizers review applications and match participants to the best extent possible based on location, industry, experience and desired outcomes.
  • Participation in the program may be limited by program organizers.
  • Past program participants are invited to apply, but preference will be given to new participants.
  • All applicants, including those not selected to participate, will be notified by December 22, 2017.