Public Power and Community Energy: Rising to Today’s Challenges

October 23, 2017
5:30pm – 7:30pm
San Francisco, CA

Join us for a discussion on the paths our local communities have taken to achieve green and affordable power, their leadership to help the State meet its aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and their plans to address challenges along the way.  Our discussion will address the expansion of community energy service areas, investor-owned utility counter-marketing, resource adequacy, and financing community-owned generation projects.


  • Beth Kelly, General Counsel, Marin Clean Energy
  • Jan Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, Peninsula Clean Energy
  • Deborah Whiteman, Energy Resources Analyst, Alameda Municipal Power

Moderated by Barbara Hale, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Assistant General Manager for Power and AWWEE Board of Directors

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of the AWWEE Bay Area Regional Leadership Team
Special thanks to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for providing space for this event.