May 19, 2017 – Orange County
Lake Mission Viejo Advanced Purification
Innovation & Collaboration

Join the AWWEE Orange County/Inland Empire Regional Leadership Team for a presentation and site tour of Santa Margarita Water District’s (SMWD) Lake Mission Viejo Advanced Water Purification Facility by Tricia Butler, Chief Engineer at SMWD.

Lake Mission Viejo (LMV) is a man-made recreational lake that is the centerpiece of Mission Viejo. The 125-acre, 3650-acre-foot LMV is subject to regular water loss due to evaporation and subsurface seepage. To maintain the necessary water level, LMV has received makeup water from two separate sources: (1) natural sources-precipitation and groundwater; and (2) potable water from Santa Margarita Water District.

In 2017, SMWD opened the Advanced Purified Water Treatment Facility which produces an effluent for direct discharge and use in LMV, in addition to other existing uses within SMWD’s service area. The facility’s production capacity is designed to produce up to 600 AFY of treated recycled water. The treatment processes include ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet-light disinfection. It is believed that this is the first use of recycled water for this purpose in the State.

This event will take place in two locations. First, lunch and a presentation will be provided at the Santa Margarita Water District Headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita.  Next the group will participate in a site tour at the Lake Mission Viejo Advanced Water Purification Facility.  Transportation will not be provided; attendees will need their own transportation to the second location.  The two locations are just over 5 miles apart.

Special thanks to Santa Margarita Water District for hosting and providing lunch for the event.