Lunch & Learn
The California Fuel Cell Partnership

February 27, 2018 – 11:30am – 1:00pm
California Fuel Cell Partnership Office
West Sacramento, California

Did you know that fuel cell vehicles have a driving range similar to gasoline vehicles (250-400 miles on a tank)?  How about that in a fuel cell vehicle, hydrogen is at least 60% more energy efficient than gasoline in a conventional vehicle?  And, unlike electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles can be quickly refilled at hydrogen fuel stations like those that serve gasoline vehicles.  Fuel cell vehicles offer many benefits including improvements in air quality, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, efficient energy use and improved energy security.

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is an industry/government collaboration aimed at expanding the market for fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen to help create a cleaner, more energy-diverse future with zero-emissions vehicles.

Join the AWWEE Sacramento regional leadership team for a presentation by Chris White, Communications Director at the California Fuel Cell Partnership to learn more about their work, fuel cell technology and its benefits, and current initiatives to promote clean vehicle adoption.

About Our Speaker

Chris White serves as Communications Director for the California Fuel Cell Partnership

Chris has led communications, outreach and marketing for the California Fuel Cell Partnership since 2004.  Her team created some of the most-used outreach materials for FCEVs and hydrogen stations, including an award-winning social media campaign and interactive applications for drivers.  When she started at CaFCP, the cars were experiments and the world had one hydrogen station.  Now Chris owns an FCEV and uses a network of retail stations.

Special thanks to the California Fuel Cell Partnership for their sponsorship of this event

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