August 25, 2017 – Monterey Park –
Introduction to the California Coastal Commission

Have you ever visited a California beach and wondered how the state preserves the more than 1,100 miles of pristine coastline?

The California coast is world famous for its striking beauty, diverse geological and environmental ecosystems, and cultural, economic, and recreational resources.  The California Coastal Commission was created by a voter initiative to “protect and enhance California’s coast and ocean for present and future generations,” and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.  As the agency that serves as stewards of California’s entire coastline, the Coastal Commission faces many issues related to water, energy, and environment.

Learn about the California Coastal Commission with our distinguished and diverse panel of experts, including a former Commissioner and current staff member.  We will discuss CCC’s history, mission, and goals and examine the myriad issues—such as coastal habitat protection, climate change, water, energy, development, and infrastructure—through discussion of real projects the Commission has faced.

Panel Participants

  • Sarah Christie, Legislative Director, California Coastal Commission
  • Sara Wan, Founder, Western Alliance for Nature and former Commissioner of the California Coastal Commission
  • Susan Jordan, Executive Director, Coastal Protection Network
  • Allison Rolfe, President, Collaborative Land Use Solutions
  • Arlis Reynolds, Principal, Cadmus and panel moderator

Lunch will be provided by the AWWEE Orange County/Inland Empire and Los Angeles Regional Leadership Teams.
Presentation will follow lunch.