January 31, 2017 – San Diego – 3 Mistakes Professional Women Make that Keep them Frustrated, Stressed and Wondering if the Sacrifice is Worth it

This event has reached maximum capacity.  We hope you will join us at another event soon!

Ready for 2017 to be a year of balance, clarity and achievement—but don’t know quite how to make that happen? Tired of the constant demands, feelings of stress and overwhelm, and regularly sacrificing your personal health and priorities for others? 

Join AWWEE’s San Diego regional leadership team on Tuesday, January 31st to learn the three most common mistakes smart, high-performing female professionals make that keep them stuck in old patterns and unable to create work-life balance and achieve greater success.  

Guest speaker Lisa Carpenter, President and founder of Emerald Quest Coaching, a coaching organization that serves professionals in the engineering, environmental and renewable energies industries, will share the three most common mistakes professional women make and why correcting these mistakes should be your top priority for 2017! 

Drawing on her experience and unique insights from coaching and training women in the engineering, environmental and renewables industries, Lisa will walk participants through three key concepts, creating understanding and awareness of why tending to these three mistakes or patterns is essential to creating  a solid foundation for both personal and professional achievement. Lisa will also guide participants through the process of identifying their own next best moves to interrupt these old patterns and create lasting change.

Lunch will be provided at this event.

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