April 12, 2017 – Bay Area –
The Promise of Green Jobs: Has California Delivered?

By signing SB 350 into law in 2015, Governor Brown committed California to doubling energy efficiency savings by 2030. The State Building & Construction Trades Council of California called SB 350 “one of the largest job-creating bills in many years.” But has California delivered on these promises? And do these new jobs pay well enough to support California’s families?

Please join AWWEE’s SF Bay Area Leadership Team for an interactive discussion of this topic with Betony Jones, Associate Director of the Green Economy Program at UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education, and Jodi Pincus, President and Executive Director of the Rising Sun Energy Center. Betony will share her recent research into how policy drivers have affected green job creation in California, and Jodi will share her experiences leading green workforce development training programs in the Bay Area—including a construction pre-apprenticeship program targeted toward women! Learn more about the quantity and quality of green jobs created by recent policy in California and learn more about how these jobs have the power to transform lives.

Refreshments for this event will be provided courtesy of the AWWEE Bay Area Regional Leadership Team.

Speaker Bios

Betony Jones

Betony Jones’s career has been dedicated to addressing the challenge of climate change in a socially just, responsible, and effective way. She started her career as a National Security Education Program fellow working on climate change in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and US Global Change Research Program under President Clinton. Eager to see more immediate action on climate change, she shifted her focus to designing real-world strategies, programs, and policies to support strong communities and local economies while building a low-carbon future. Betony earned an M.E.Sc. in social ecology from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Jodi Pincus

Jodi Pincus is a leading expert on the green economy, youth employment frameworks, and workforce development. Under her leadership, Rising Sun Energy Center has developed innovative green training and employment models that are held as exemplars in both the national and international community. Jodi has participated in several policy groups, conferences, and task forces, and has been featured in the media, where she has shared her expertise on how environmental investments can create green jobs for disadvantaged communities while improving environmental quality for everyone. Jodi is a UC Berkeley graduate in Peace and Conflict Studies and holds an MBA from the Presidio Graduate School in Sustainable Management.


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